In this section you will find all the information you need on how to care for your products. These are essential practices to ensure that your product lasts a lifetime and you enjoy them to their fullest!


Bamboo is so very easy to care for.

1. Just wash separately using a mild detergent either in cold or warm water (no hotter than 30C) and using a gentle cycle.  

2. Do not bleach or dry clean your bamboo sheets but if you want to whiten just soak using an oxy-clean such as nappisan (make sure that it is well dissolved before adding sheets).

3. Tumble dry on a cool setting using a gentle cycle or iron on low heat setting if required. Personally, I air dry my sheets and finish off in the dryer folding as soon as I take them out (so easy)

Bamboo fabric becomes quite stiff when wet – don’t panic as it dries it will return to its gorgeous softness.

If you have purchased a bamboo duvet cover it’s most important that you always do up the zip when washing.

Please Note: Failure to follow these instructions may result in pilling.


We want you to have the best experience with your linen so please follow our care instructions.

To love and care for your linen…

1. Before washing do up any buttons.

2. Machine wash with a mild detergent in either cold or warm water. If linen has been dyed, please wash separately.

3. Never use bleach (not even on white linen) as this will damage the fibres. An OxiClean soak (such as nappisan) is fine, just make sure it’s well dissolved before adding fabric.

4. Fabric softeners can be used but they were never meant for natural fibres.

5. Linen is best air dried but a drier can be used on a medium setting.

6. For over dried or wrinkled linen, just damp down and allow to relax.

Linen has a distinctive shabby chic look that comes from its soft texture and light crumples so doesn’t need to be ironed but can be just damp down with a light spray of water as you iron.